Monday, August 5, 2013

Dark Triumph: (His Fair Assassin #2):

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. 
Recommendation: Yes.
Sybella thought she was done with the family that drove her mad until the convent gives her the order that sends her back to them. While her brutal father, crossed by the soon to be crowned Duchess enacts his vengeance against his once promised betrothed to rule over the duchesses land. Sybella dodges her lying, scheming, tattle-tale of a lady-in-waiting, Jamette who relays everything Sybella does to her crooked father making her newly acquired convent orders that much more the harder. They being to locate, extract, and return the captured solider that is essential to the duchesses armies survival. It is here in the muck of every narrowly successful navigated suspicion that Sybella's bloody twisted childhood memories come to slowly haunt her, drawing her madness taunt like a bow which she fears shall engulf her once again. 
LaFevers writing style is much like her Sybella, feverish, fluid, and ever seducing her reader into a mantra of "just one more page". I personally love the tormented ice-queen underdogs in stories and well Sybella proved to be all that yet much more. While I enjoyed the darkness of Sybella it seemed her past was a bit much, too much forced horridness that it formed cracks in the very illusion of her. I enjoyed the heady aroma of the book in a whole I was left wanting...more, more adventure. Less emotion, there was a lot of emotion that at some points I began to make it seem like they were unnecessary exaggerations.  

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