Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Boo Hag:

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
According to Gullah legend Boo Hag's are vampiric creatures who stalk their prey and then feed by consuming, or essentially 'riding' in their victims' body's. Talk about a freak show right. They have no skin of their own and the sort of muscular tissue they do have is rumored to be blood red. Boo Hag's attach themselves to their victims' by climbing in through their windows at night and sucking the breath from them. 
Straight from the first page David Morgan leaps right into the thick of an erie story. Setting up a plot that lead my fingers to be nail-bitten aching things. Lenny, a high school student who has horrid sleeping tendencies, wakes in the early morning of 4:32 a.m. Going to investigate she comes to the conclusion there will be no heading back to sleep for her when a revelation presents itself: someone has been in her house. Her search however, turns up only her parents and so Lenny disregards the situation; locking shut the fear she'd felt in the study. Off to school though, doesn't go off without a hitch or, well red slim...Once over the dastardly bathroom predicament Lenny, in first period meet up with her best friend Anna. The two of them holding such a strong bond with each other begin to unravel the weird occurrences happening to Lenny, while also juggling their teenage lives.
When Anna and Lenny together make the acquaintance of the Boo Hag, Lenny decides its time to enlist more help, the secret-admirer, the cheerleader, the teacher, and hot guy - here is where I start to think BUFFY! - with the help of Lenny's school chum's she  has the strength to fight back. Because Hell be damned if she's gonna let some zombie, teenage riding freak steal her skin. 
Now I, avid reader of young adult supernatural series was compelled to entertain reading this book. I don't normally enjoy long nights spent reading off my computer screen, because lets face it; nothing beats a hardcover book, but all this not withstanding I was intrigued by this book, and when I am intrigued I must read it right away. So read I did. 
As of late, I haven't been too overly fond of Young Adult novels, the words, overly simplistic as to capture a younger teens attention while not boring them seemed to lose its edge with me. I've transitioned, so to speak into adult mystery novels; or any historical fiction set in the 1920s - do so let me know if you have any of good note to recommend. However, I still dabble in young adult because, sometimes I just want an easy supernatural romance to soak in my claw-footed tub with. 
I enjoyed his writing style but only faintly, there were those annoyingly pesky grammar mistakes and over usage of excessive words to describe mundane things, such as checking alarm clock. The plot itself moved along with the speed of a freight train, of which I was grateful because I am not one for scary stories- though it could be contested that The Boo Hag was not scary in its essence, just dire. The characters held a teenage depth to them, Lenny's best friend crushing on the quarterback, high school drama where cheating seemingly has the effect to have ended to the world, so on and on. I do in moderation enjoy traveling back to the blissful days that made up my freshman year of high school, when I, myself crushed on the handsome Senior baseball star and had yet to worry about cutting the red tape barricading my way into college, I was glad to see the story did not revolve around high school but the eerie Boo Hag creature stalking Lenny.

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