Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Kiss

My rating: 5 out of 5 Stars.
I took me a total of four months to complete this book. The reason thereof not having anything to do with the author writing style because is one to admire, but because it is one of those books that aches. If you have not yet found a book that does this for you I will be deliberate when explaining the feeling as it effects me on a personal opinionated level: It is a book that in the most illogical sense of the meaning of this next statement, beats with every word as if the book had taken on a life of its own.

I found myself at times throwing the book at my bedroom walls, denying that the events had actually taken place. I would not go as far as to say I cried because though the authors agony is noted it is simply too stark to ignite tears. I do not think the author wanted sympathy or the act of submissive sobs but quite the opposite; I believed she just wrote it. By personal experience I suspect a writer grieves by writing as any tradesmen/women do when they work their desired trade. A friend of mine, a homeless man who once inhabited the outside of my high school once told me with such a clearly that I was stunned into silence for the remained of the day, he spoke around the smoke of his curling Marlboro and in sparks of flourish "Sometimes you just have to write, somethings even though they wont be forgotten have to be written down so they can remain solid."

New Moon (Twilight Saga, #2)

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

New Moon was a wonderous read, in my own opinion. And I am not saying this because I am some sick twisted love sick teen who would stand outside for hours just for a glimpse of a man who is, now lets be honest ladies, dirty and yes I will give you rigidly handsome with amazing piano hands but honestly I wouldn't even wait in line with my mom for Toby-Mac tickets. If I ever got a meeting with Robert Pattinson, which is not likely, I would most likely either flake and forget the meeting or spend the whole time asking him about his music rather than his Edward Cullen role. Now, now put away your pitch forks and fire I would absolutely throw myself in front of a bus if I had an Edward Cullen, because come on seriously what does every girl on the face of this earth want. Immortality and a super handsome, steadfast, chivalry and 1900s mannered man.

Anyway enough with my excessive babble, I loved the Twilight saga not because Robert Pattinson is 'omg-so-amazingly-sexy-I-WILL-DIE-DIE-if-I-don't-touch-him', no because of the writing, why are people supposed to like books for, the writing it contains. And I give an A+ to Mrs./Miss Stephenie Meyer, not interlay sure if she is married or not, sorry Stephenie; I humbly apologize if you are. She did an amazing job, I was either crying throughout this book or trembling with excitement or shaking with hurt or flipping pages faster than anyone in the world to see if Edward and Bella were going to get back together. I mean geez man, talk about a heart-racer. I felt like I was literally Bella going through all that pain and suffering. And I actually almost skipped a few pages during the plane ride because I was freaking out along with Bella. Kudos Stephenie, Kudos.

In the next installment of Stephenie Meyers wondrously magical saga. New Moon is filled to the brim with heart break, suffering, pain, a black sucking hole in your chest created by the lose of someone you depended on for everything and the light of a friend, reminding us of how much friends really can bring us back from the walking dead.

In this book the unthinkable to Bella happens, Edward, the love of her life leaves and more than that, leaves her with the hope of never returning to her ever again. Is that true, could Edward, the Edward who had proclaimed his undying love so many times in Twilight honestly think of Bella as a fling. Will he never again return? Bella thinks so, seeing as how when she drives over to the Cullens big house house wit memories of her birthday party and Bella-Barbie-Doll and listening to Edward play her, her lullaby swirling around in her head creating the black hole in her chest to suck more of her until there is nothing more than a zombie, a shell of what Bella had once been.

As she soon realizes the pain she is not only putting on her dads shoulders but her dear friend Jacob Black's Bella begins to turn around, only slightly. With the help of Jacob, her sun, the only person who seems to be able to bring some light into Bella's face, Bella begins to slowly put small pieces together. That is until everything comes crashing down again. Trying to bring on a hallusion of Edward's voice she begins to try dangerous acts of...rebelion I guess you could call it. She races motercycles with Jacob, returns to her and Edward's meadow which along with her seemed to have died with the lose of it's beloved, it is there that she meets a danger she never thought would come back and encounters yet another mythical creature she should have fingered was not a myth at all. Though this seems to be the worse, it only drops more, as Bella jumps into fate, literally. She is thrown into a danger that could just lead to the best or worst thing she has ever done. I only have one question for you: Will Jacob look at it as the best thing ever to happen to Bella since Edward or the worst?

Twilight (Twilight Saga #1)

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Twilight has not been one of my favorite reads in history, but it is still very good. My favorite book out of the saga is the first one Twilight, because it lets you into the world, it creates it before your eyes. I am pretty sure everyone has read this and if not I do recommend that you read at least one of the books, though I doubt anyone could read just one book out of a four-part saga.
In this book a normal, clumsy teenage girl by the name of Bella Swan moves from her beloved home and warm sunlight to give her mother and her boyfriend some time alone. So she packs up and goes to a dreary town of Forks, Washington, such a change from her lovely sunlit life. But don't worry she soon discovers going to Forks was the best decision she ever made.
When Bella meets the handsome Edward Cullen her world turns upside down, she can't seem to understand how she knows things no normal person could know. As Bella dives deeper into her whirl wind of love with this dangerous Edward she realizes not everything is as it seems.
Dangerous forces are out in the world and Bella gets the unlucky chance to meet them in this saga full of mushy romance that could put Romeo and Juliet to a small test. It gives us persective on just how strong love can be. Too bad it is just a make-believe fairy-tale

Untamed (House of Night, #4)

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

I admit, I skipped book three in the series because...well they only had book four and five when I went to my library, but do rest assured I will be reading the third one. Anyway The House of Night series is actually one of my favorite, it's funny how I look back on my readings and see how when I first began to pick up on reading again I only seemed to read Gossip Girl, ha. Everything changed once the hype on Twilight broke out, yes I admit I was never really a fan, because I had never looked into supernatural books, though I thought since I watch Charmed and Buffy and Angel why not check out why everyone is so crazy about Twilight for. I also admit to not reading Twilight and actually stated that I liked like it because...well to be frank everyone, and I do mean everyone at my school was reading it. It kind of turned my off to the book, but then one day when I was browsing the BlockBuster store I thought, why not see what Twilight was about and picked it up. Yes you heard I didn't read Twilight until after I watched the movie. Anyway I am not reviewing on Twilight am I, no so back to The House of Night. They may not be my favorite of all time but they were really great, I defiantly recommend you read everyone of them.

Zoey Redbird is a vampyre feldling and in a hell of a problem, all her friends absolutley hate her. She went from having three boyfriends to none, having four friends to being a social pariah. If that weren't bad enough the only two people who are left in Zoey's life are a snobby and uptight blond beauty who is unmarked and feeling as if her goddess has given up on her. However after having two visions of Zoey dying and hell raising onto earth she decides to put pasts behind her and they actually become friends. Seeing as how Zoey doesn't have much of a choice in the matter she is happy for anything she can get. The other is an undead new vampire with red markings instead of blue. The first of her kind and as she sets up the underground tunnels along with the other red feldings Zoey realizing that hell on earth really wasn't an understatment.

Is there something wrong with the red vampyres?
Will Zoey be strong enough to fight off whoever is coming, and boy is it strong.
And more importantly will her friends ever forgive her, for hinding secrets that Zoey had to keep to herself to protect them.

In the fourth novel of The House of Night series Zoey is pushed to limits she never dreamed possible and along with that is forced to take on the a powerful full grown vampyre. Will she be able to handle it and try to patch things up the that hunk of an ex-boyfriend of hers who is a newly turned vampyre now.

The Awakening and The Struggle (The Vampire Diaries, #1-2)

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
I humbly admit that when I had first picked up this book, it was after all the Twilight/Vampire buzz - though personally Harry Potter trumps vampire - I had it in my mind that it was going to be just like Twilight a sappy romance that I adore. Seeing as how in my life romance is moot reading about other people, fictional or not, is the only substitute I seem to have. Much like everything else in my life, I turn to the books, to get my excitement and I mean the excitement where your body literally trembles with it and her heart races until you have to physically move around your bedroom or patio or backyard, wherever it is that you fellow good-readers go to enjoy an oh so lovely book. Anyway I had a mental picture in my head about how this book was going to play out, I even thought I would make it to page fifty and then close the book uninterested. That however, is not what happened.
Stephen Salvatoreis the new transfer student at Mystic Falls and with his good looks, reserved attitude, and secretive nature everyone there seems to fall under his spell, that is of course until the sexy steadfast Damon Salvatore comes to steal Stephen's fame. However, though they appear to be the normal fighting brothers underneath the service lies something no one in Mystic Falls is prepared for, will only destruction and chaos from these to dangerously handsome brothers or will it be them who saves the day.
And then filed away in her little bubble you haveElena Gilbert, who writes in a journal because she has no one to talk to. A horrible accident last year took Elena's parents away from her and left her in the hands of her aunt, but somehow Elena miraculously survived the crash leaving her with grief and guilt. The town looks down at her with pity and for the new year Elena is determined to make a change but little does she know that the change Elena is searching for so desperately just might be the death of her. Will she uncover Stephen's secret before it's too late for her to come back from it or will she dive head first into uncharted and dangerous waters to follow her heart?
This book just might have been one of the best books I have read in a long time. I have been debating about the differences and similarities between this and Twilight, if I am being frank I would say there really isn't many similarities. Yes they both are books about vampires and they do have a romance in each of them but other than that they are completely different in many, many ways. I can't quite put my finger on why but I would have to say that I personally liked The Vampire Diaries better than I did Twilight. Though for some reason I have yet to add it to my personal collection. In other news I fully recommend that you read this book, if you have yet to pick it up that is.

Never Let Me Go

My rating: 2 1/2 out of 5 stars.
Never Let Me Go was probably the must horrifyingly disturbed novel I have read since the all famous Hannibal novel came out. I thought the author's writing technique was superb as it was entrancing. The plot however is another story altogether, I recently decided to take this book off the hands of a friend who warned me that the story would probably be the equally best and single worst read I'd ever encounter, he did not lie. I found myself at moments flipping the pages of this book faster than any other before and other times I was literally crying my eyes out with heart wrenching sobs bursting from my chest, at one point in the middle of this morbid, twisted, heart breaking story I became so angry that I literally flung the thing at my bedroom wall. There is a saying, infamous enough it still holds justice: 'ignorance is bliss' so I warn you readers that if you do attempt to read this book it will change your life, outlook, and stand towards what is ethically right and what is simply your humane duty.

Fang Me (Demon Underground, #3)

My rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.
Oh! Its that darling dog again. The half Hellhound that never ceases to amaze me. (wistfulsigh) As Val, just about to cave in, sets out to retrieve her father gift the Encyclopedia Magicka they can't trust anyone to be one her side but Fang. Demons and vampires and spooks of the underground seem to be crawling out of the woodwork everywhere and the one thing they want is the one thing they'll do anything to get: The Encyclopedia Magicka. A race against time and the UnHoly issues and through teeth and fang Val fights through emotional waste left over from her home and emotional distress left over from a certain Angel-featured demon named Shade. Trying to deny her building inner-most desires towards the sexy man while also wildly more determined than ever to find the Encyclopedia Magicka. To add a healthy dose of pressure along with this messy situation, if Val does not find her father's gift than the end results could be deadly for all of humanity.
Okay, so as to be expected I was pleased with the end of these series, though vaguely disappointed. There seemed to be multiple climaxes and at times the hype was not worth the end results, compared to the other two satisfying novels I took five days to read this, only because I was bored by the middle and decided to start a whole different book altogether. However, this is to be expected when one reads all three installments back-to-back-to-back, you lose the intrigue and a generally appealing book becomes slightly boorish and steadfast. Despite this being said, I would recommend reading this series, just not so cramped together perhaps.

Try Me (Demon Underground, #2)

My rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.
Just as Val though she was sinking her teeth whole-heartedly into her new, job, life, and home; things trickle to a halt. Because of course nothing ever stays perfectly contempt for long, what with all those nasty demon's out prowling. However, when its her hunky slice of handsome partner that begins to distance himself Val feels her frilly world is ripping at the seems. Quite literally actually. Seeing as how Val just recently cut the head off the hunky handsome man in questions ex-fiance. Just as Val starts shouldering the ice coming off Dan's presence a blond shadow appears, the demon with the looks of an angel. What bad could possibly happen when you throw a succubus in the same room with an arrogantly handsome demon? Why nothing of course!
Especially not when Val has a personal determination driving her forward, which ironically takes her straight into the murky depths of the demon underground where she searches, sometimes peevishly annoyed for her fathers only and final gift to her. Yes, you guessed it the stolen Encyclopedia Magicka. What else is a halfling succubus to do, than close her eyes, jump head first and hope she lands on her feet.
Fist fighting, demon kissing, home-front emotional baggage to deal with, lustful diabolical intentions with a like bit of ghastly language thrown into the mix and I have never been more happy to jump in with Miss Val.

Bite Me (Demon Underground, #1)

My rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

The book had me enthralled.

The story begins with Val on patrol and her saving an innocent, this is also the first night that she meets Dan the hunky cop that becomes her new incentive to a normal life. As the story continues Val is kicked out of her family, her home, etc and forced to find her way in the real world where she meets her companion a part-demon hellhound named Fang who can speak to Val through her mind. Val moves with Dan's sister after he gets her a job with the SCU or thescuzzies. Val's life begins to spiral out of control just as it seems to become a real life, while trying to deal with the impending issue of human body's stacking up (so to speak) from vampires, Val, Dan and Fang most decide if the New Blood Movement is friend or foe in there book. Combine Val's Buffy inspired attitude, her desperate need for a human\normal life, the realistic fight scenes and the hunky police partner and you get a hilirous yet almost sentimental book that will entrance readers, keep them one there toes, and make them turn their pages well int the night to finish this read.

Hold Still

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

I was more than a little hesitant to read this book when I first saw it at Borders because frankly it didn't really sound appealing. I am a girl who likes adventure and mystery, books that make you think. However, this book did prove it's self throughout my course of reading it. I wouldn't say it was absolutely amazing because lets be honest the author - no offense attended - didn't quite go in depth like the book should have. It had a plot that the author could have done a lot with but to me it almost seemed like I was reading a very long summary of a book instead of the work itself. I am not sure whether I would recommend you guys reading it, I would however, say don't buy it. It frankly - sorry for my bluntness - wasn't buy worthy.

Caitlin has just lost someone, someone that was hiding another world from Caitlin. Sure Caitlin saw the bruises the cuts, the scars but she never thought much of it, she never told anyone, maybe she should have. Because one day for Ingrid just leaving another scar wasn't good enough, she had had enough and that is what she tells Caitlin through a journal. As Caitlin works through her grief, guilt, pain, and jealousy she discovers what it means to live and what it means to exist. A novel that is touching and tells a story that readers wont know what to do with. Whether that be rejoice and hold it close to your heart or smile and put it on a shelf. For me it was a nice story of love, pain, and finding yourself through a mess of angst.

Fire (A Companion to GRACELING):

My rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.
I have to admit the whole human-monster thing unnerved me a bit when I first reading the reviews, I am not a fan of werewolves or shape-shifters; however I gave this book a chance because Graceling was an amazing wonder of a novel and I couldn't put the thing down. So my hopes were high, but skeptical, I don't think the characters were shaped enough, in the sense that they had no holding to them. I commend her for using the horrible dead father card because I honestly didn't see that twist coming, suicide was a wonder; murder was brilliance. It was a good read altogether however the author could have solidified the book and been more thorough in the details of events and people. The book, despite its length felt rushed and had excessive usage of 'ands' - or perhaps that was just me - anyhow I did like the alluring beauty of the main character and how she falls for the dark bastard son in stead of the groveling King. Overall it was an easy, nerve prickling book that rose to the standards I expected, however did nothing to compete with Graceling.

P.S~The relationship between Brigan and Fire was immensely heartwarming, as it was heart wrenching.

Fire is a the last human monster in the Dells, her father left a soaringly vicious legacy behind after his suicide and as Fire struggles against her hearts desires, her aching shame and her fondness to be loved, she finds forgiveness, love, immense hurt, and friendship in all the most unlikely of places. On the brink of war the Brigan informs Fire that her mind controlling powers are greatly needed and though he does not trust her until tears and secrets are shed he still must escort her from her Northern Land in the Dells to the very beginning of her life, and the very ruination of her father. Full of twists, turns, and somewhere between ragged edges and confusing intentions hearts are shattered, souls are lost, bodies are broken, horses are fond, and lovers are separated forever. This story stole my heart, broke it and left pieces scattered on varies pages.

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