Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Moon (Twilight Saga, #2)

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

New Moon was a wonderous read, in my own opinion. And I am not saying this because I am some sick twisted love sick teen who would stand outside for hours just for a glimpse of a man who is, now lets be honest ladies, dirty and yes I will give you rigidly handsome with amazing piano hands but honestly I wouldn't even wait in line with my mom for Toby-Mac tickets. If I ever got a meeting with Robert Pattinson, which is not likely, I would most likely either flake and forget the meeting or spend the whole time asking him about his music rather than his Edward Cullen role. Now, now put away your pitch forks and fire I would absolutely throw myself in front of a bus if I had an Edward Cullen, because come on seriously what does every girl on the face of this earth want. Immortality and a super handsome, steadfast, chivalry and 1900s mannered man.

Anyway enough with my excessive babble, I loved the Twilight saga not because Robert Pattinson is 'omg-so-amazingly-sexy-I-WILL-DIE-DIE-if-I-don't-touch-him', no because of the writing, why are people supposed to like books for, the writing it contains. And I give an A+ to Mrs./Miss Stephenie Meyer, not interlay sure if she is married or not, sorry Stephenie; I humbly apologize if you are. She did an amazing job, I was either crying throughout this book or trembling with excitement or shaking with hurt or flipping pages faster than anyone in the world to see if Edward and Bella were going to get back together. I mean geez man, talk about a heart-racer. I felt like I was literally Bella going through all that pain and suffering. And I actually almost skipped a few pages during the plane ride because I was freaking out along with Bella. Kudos Stephenie, Kudos.

In the next installment of Stephenie Meyers wondrously magical saga. New Moon is filled to the brim with heart break, suffering, pain, a black sucking hole in your chest created by the lose of someone you depended on for everything and the light of a friend, reminding us of how much friends really can bring us back from the walking dead.

In this book the unthinkable to Bella happens, Edward, the love of her life leaves and more than that, leaves her with the hope of never returning to her ever again. Is that true, could Edward, the Edward who had proclaimed his undying love so many times in Twilight honestly think of Bella as a fling. Will he never again return? Bella thinks so, seeing as how when she drives over to the Cullens big house house wit memories of her birthday party and Bella-Barbie-Doll and listening to Edward play her, her lullaby swirling around in her head creating the black hole in her chest to suck more of her until there is nothing more than a zombie, a shell of what Bella had once been.

As she soon realizes the pain she is not only putting on her dads shoulders but her dear friend Jacob Black's Bella begins to turn around, only slightly. With the help of Jacob, her sun, the only person who seems to be able to bring some light into Bella's face, Bella begins to slowly put small pieces together. That is until everything comes crashing down again. Trying to bring on a hallusion of Edward's voice she begins to try dangerous acts of...rebelion I guess you could call it. She races motercycles with Jacob, returns to her and Edward's meadow which along with her seemed to have died with the lose of it's beloved, it is there that she meets a danger she never thought would come back and encounters yet another mythical creature she should have fingered was not a myth at all. Though this seems to be the worse, it only drops more, as Bella jumps into fate, literally. She is thrown into a danger that could just lead to the best or worst thing she has ever done. I only have one question for you: Will Jacob look at it as the best thing ever to happen to Bella since Edward or the worst?

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