Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Untamed (House of Night, #4)

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

I admit, I skipped book three in the series because...well they only had book four and five when I went to my library, but do rest assured I will be reading the third one. Anyway The House of Night series is actually one of my favorite, it's funny how I look back on my readings and see how when I first began to pick up on reading again I only seemed to read Gossip Girl, ha. Everything changed once the hype on Twilight broke out, yes I admit I was never really a fan, because I had never looked into supernatural books, though I thought since I watch Charmed and Buffy and Angel why not check out why everyone is so crazy about Twilight for. I also admit to not reading Twilight and actually stated that I liked like it because...well to be frank everyone, and I do mean everyone at my school was reading it. It kind of turned my off to the book, but then one day when I was browsing the BlockBuster store I thought, why not see what Twilight was about and picked it up. Yes you heard I didn't read Twilight until after I watched the movie. Anyway I am not reviewing on Twilight am I, no so back to The House of Night. They may not be my favorite of all time but they were really great, I defiantly recommend you read everyone of them.

Zoey Redbird is a vampyre feldling and in a hell of a problem, all her friends absolutley hate her. She went from having three boyfriends to none, having four friends to being a social pariah. If that weren't bad enough the only two people who are left in Zoey's life are a snobby and uptight blond beauty who is unmarked and feeling as if her goddess has given up on her. However after having two visions of Zoey dying and hell raising onto earth she decides to put pasts behind her and they actually become friends. Seeing as how Zoey doesn't have much of a choice in the matter she is happy for anything she can get. The other is an undead new vampire with red markings instead of blue. The first of her kind and as she sets up the underground tunnels along with the other red feldings Zoey realizing that hell on earth really wasn't an understatment.

Is there something wrong with the red vampyres?
Will Zoey be strong enough to fight off whoever is coming, and boy is it strong.
And more importantly will her friends ever forgive her, for hinding secrets that Zoey had to keep to herself to protect them.

In the fourth novel of The House of Night series Zoey is pushed to limits she never dreamed possible and along with that is forced to take on the a powerful full grown vampyre. Will she be able to handle it and try to patch things up the that hunk of an ex-boyfriend of hers who is a newly turned vampyre now.

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