Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bite Me (Demon Underground, #1)

My rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

The book had me enthralled.

The story begins with Val on patrol and her saving an innocent, this is also the first night that she meets Dan the hunky cop that becomes her new incentive to a normal life. As the story continues Val is kicked out of her family, her home, etc and forced to find her way in the real world where she meets her companion a part-demon hellhound named Fang who can speak to Val through her mind. Val moves with Dan's sister after he gets her a job with the SCU or thescuzzies. Val's life begins to spiral out of control just as it seems to become a real life, while trying to deal with the impending issue of human body's stacking up (so to speak) from vampires, Val, Dan and Fang most decide if the New Blood Movement is friend or foe in there book. Combine Val's Buffy inspired attitude, her desperate need for a human\normal life, the realistic fight scenes and the hunky police partner and you get a hilirous yet almost sentimental book that will entrance readers, keep them one there toes, and make them turn their pages well int the night to finish this read.

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