Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fire (A Companion to GRACELING):

My rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.
I have to admit the whole human-monster thing unnerved me a bit when I first reading the reviews, I am not a fan of werewolves or shape-shifters; however I gave this book a chance because Graceling was an amazing wonder of a novel and I couldn't put the thing down. So my hopes were high, but skeptical, I don't think the characters were shaped enough, in the sense that they had no holding to them. I commend her for using the horrible dead father card because I honestly didn't see that twist coming, suicide was a wonder; murder was brilliance. It was a good read altogether however the author could have solidified the book and been more thorough in the details of events and people. The book, despite its length felt rushed and had excessive usage of 'ands' - or perhaps that was just me - anyhow I did like the alluring beauty of the main character and how she falls for the dark bastard son in stead of the groveling King. Overall it was an easy, nerve prickling book that rose to the standards I expected, however did nothing to compete with Graceling.

P.S~The relationship between Brigan and Fire was immensely heartwarming, as it was heart wrenching.

Fire is a the last human monster in the Dells, her father left a soaringly vicious legacy behind after his suicide and as Fire struggles against her hearts desires, her aching shame and her fondness to be loved, she finds forgiveness, love, immense hurt, and friendship in all the most unlikely of places. On the brink of war the Brigan informs Fire that her mind controlling powers are greatly needed and though he does not trust her until tears and secrets are shed he still must escort her from her Northern Land in the Dells to the very beginning of her life, and the very ruination of her father. Full of twists, turns, and somewhere between ragged edges and confusing intentions hearts are shattered, souls are lost, bodies are broken, horses are fond, and lovers are separated forever. This story stole my heart, broke it and left pieces scattered on varies pages.

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