Sunday, February 9, 2014


My rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. 
Recommendation: Yes.
" The city always seemed to claim her in the end."
All I kept thinking throughout the entire book was, who the heck is Zane?
After Tally becomes pretty and is voted Crim everything changes. Quite literally, a costume party brings  New Rusties dressed as Specials and a bubbly feeling to Tally. And suddenly it is all Tally can do but stay bubbly. She adores the feeling and staying with Zane keeps her bubbly so what the heck right might as well kiss him. However, her bubbliness seems to be contagious and soon Tally is leading her and Zane's crims on an escape mission to New Smoke where her old ugly boyfriend is oh yes still awaiting Tally's return. Love triangles right. Always with the love triangles. 
Overall the writing is the same, just fine. Odd words that were used in the first book are carried over and used more frequently. Almost annoyingly. If I never hear "Bubbly"used as an adverb again I may be able to forget the horridness I had began to feel towards the middle of the book. I strongly dislike love triangles and so at first hated Zane. However, I am a sucker for a pretty face so I caved by the end of it. There wasn't as much adventure in this book as there was in the previous one which I missed. But I am intrigued with what Tally finds out in the woods and just what the writer will have her do about it in the next installment. 

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