Monday, February 13, 2012

I Was Totally Tagged Bloggers!

I was tagged! How devastatingly exciting!
Oh I do love these questionnaires, being tagged makes me feel so giddy! Another Thanks to A Little Shelf of Heaven who tagged me, now I have these lovely questions for to read. Click on the blue blog title to go to the blog. My questions for the people I have tagged are at the bottom of these questions and are different.

The Rules:
  1. You must post the rules.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
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  4. Let them know you've tagged them!

  1. If you could live in any book universe, which would it be? Why?

~ That is really difficult because most books I read I fall in love with the main characters universe. Another universe that involves handsome immortal men and magic! But if I had to choose one, I would go with Bewitching Season (Leland Sisters #1) by Doyle, Marissa. Completely loved those two novels, I devoured them, magic and balls, mischief, taffeta and sateen gowns with layers upon layers of lace, curled to perfection hair and corsets,  handsome men and possibly a love affair? All wrapped tight, sealed with a silk red bow and mystery. What was the question again?

  1. Which ten books can you not live without?

~ Only 10, seriously? I couldn't live without my library of books, life would be so dreadfully boorish.

1.) Holy Bible. Mock, un-follow my blog, leave crass insults as a comment, degrade me as a fearful person it will not, I guarantee 100%, effect my beliefs. The greatest gift a person can ever give is the gift of God's word, this was given to my brother by his youth pastor, whom became my youth pastor later, and my brother gave it to me. At the lowest moment in my life, at the heart of my darkest sin I never lost my faith and I never will. Because once you open the book, once you step foot in a church, once you truly listen and open your eyes you'll see. He was always the truth. He was always real.
In order from left to right.
Front Cover and Misc. page.
2.) The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes by Doyle, Arthur Conan. The best detective stories out there. I would be content locked away in a castle's dungeon if I had this thick book to keep me company.
In order from left to right.
Front Cover and Misc. page.
3.) The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter by, Potter Beatrix My favorite illustrator, Colin Thompson coming vastly second, Potter as the smoothest strokes in her cute cuddly creatures, and she spins a tale that even as an adult I fawn over. Miraculous.
In order from left to right.
Front Cover and Misc. page.

 4.) The flash Of Lightening Behind The Mountain by Charles Bukowski. This man has mastered his art, has taken it and mangled it with his very own personal way of creating poetry, by far my favorite poet.
In order from left to right.
Front Cover and Misc. page.
5.) The Declaration of Independence and Other Great Documents of American History by Various Authors. Picked up at the gift shop of Prudence Crandall's school I adore this little book. Interesting fact: bet you didn't know she was a great, great, great, great, great aunt of mine. I love my country and plan to be a history Professor when I get older and this little book will be required reading material for my students. If people do not take the time to acknowledge their past than do not be an irritant when it repeats itself. Who is a person if they do not know where they come from? Every person's life deserves to be remembered, no matter how simple they may seem.
In order from left to right.
Front Cover and Misc. page.
6.) Veterans of Foreign Wars: This Is America My Country. This book details America's start, the first settlers, the pilgrims, the 13 colonies, the rise for independence, the gaining of independence, the indians, both world wars, and various other wars and other details that make up America. A brilliant research novel I am constantly going to.
In order from left to right.
Front Cover and Misc. page.
7.) Beachcombing at Miramar by Richard Bode. I love the beach, it is a place where I believe I left part of my soul, drifting along with the waves. My childhood - up until I was in third grade - consisted of Disney Land every Friday with my brother and parents, Hunnington Beach every Saturday morning - where I was always forced to wash the sand out of every toy, bathing suit, wet suit, boogie board and surfboard, even though my brother was the one who wore the wet suit and surfed regularly - and Knott's with my Grandparents and my cousins. The very best of my childhood lies in those places, this book reminds me of every trip.
In order from left to right.
Front Cover and Misc. page with scribbles in the margins.
8.) Mary Poppins In the Park by Travers, P.L. I loved Mary Poppins this book is so giddy and with such eloquent illustrations, such detail and rich writing. A good hearted, clean children's read.
In order from left to right.
Front Cover, Misc. page, and Back Cover.
9 & 10.) Anna, Grandpa, and the Big Storm by Stevens, Carla. This book makes me cry, because the Grandpa in this story is my Grandpa. He would have done this, every word is little piece of him. He is my world, no one has ever looked at me the way he does, his brown eyes shining bright, a smile on his bristled beard face. I was never happier or complete than when I was with him.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Bach, Richard. This book was originally my mothers, she says that is it is a sweet love story where Bach master transforming inaudible objects into a living breath, feeling thing that can and does fall in love. Written for adults, but can be read to children, I highly recommend this short fantastic read, it still has particulates of beach sand stuck between almost every page.
In order from left to right.
Front Covers, Livingston Seagull Misc. page, and Anna, Grandpa Misc. page.

2.)What makes you pick up a book? The cover, the title? Does your mood affect your choices?

~ Yes my mood does effect the way I choose my books. If I am in the mood for a thriller I will go straight to the mystery section that lines the back wall of my library, if I just want a mushy teen book, I'll go to the young adult section. Then I scan the book title, because I can only see the spines I generally go by the script the title is written in, if I like the title then I check out the front cover and finally the summary to see if I like the plot.
Have you ever heard a song that made you think of a scene from a book? Explain.

What is your favorite poem? Why?
~  German by Charles Bukowski:

being the German kid in the 20's in Los Angeles
was difficult.
there was much anti-German feeling then,
a carry-over from World War 1.
gangs of kids chased me through the neighborhood
yelling, 'Hieneie! Hieneie! Hienie!'
they never caught me.
I was like a cat.
I knew all the paths through brush and alleys.
I scaled 6-foot back fences in a flash and was off through
backyards and around blocks
and onto garage roofs and other hiding places.
then too, they didn't really want to catch me.
they were afraid I might bayonet them
or gouge out their eyes.

this went on for about 18 months
then all of a sudden it seemed to stop.
I was more or less accepted(but never really)
which was all right with me.
those sons-of-bitches were Americans,
they and their parents had been born here.
they had names like Jones and Sullivan and 
they were pale and often fat with runny
noses and big belt buckles.
I decided never to become an American.
my hero was Baron Manfred von Richthofen
the German air ace;
he'd shot down 80 of their best
and there was nothing they could do about
that now.
their parents didn't like my parents
(I didn't either) and
I decided when I got big I'd go live in some place
like Iceland,
never open my door to anybody and live on my
luck, live with a beautiful wife and a bunch of wild
which is, more or less, what happened.

Who is your favorite musician/band at the moment?
 ~ Ray Lamontagne, his song Jolene is amazing.

Do you like fanfics? Why or why not?
~ Yeah why not, I think it's interesting and flattering to the author to see what  other people do with their idea, I even have a fanfic account:

What is your biggest book pet-peeve? Explain.
Bad writing. When a person doesn't take the time to re-proof or re-read their works.

Have you ever fallen head-over-heels in love with a book, so that you cannot stop thinking about it? Which one?
I can't say I have, and if I have, I can't remember the experience.

Do you have a favorite reading 'spot'? Explain!
The beach, I plug my earbuds in turn up a sort of  music that matches the books flow and tan. It is really quite soothing. 

 If you could choose one book character to come out of their world and into ours, who would it be?
Damien Salvator the poor man never catches a break. I wish they would let him fall in love with someone who loves him just as desperately back.

My Questions:

1.) Favorite author, why?
2.) Favorite childhood book, or fairytale?
3.) Favorite Poet? Why?
4.) What book would you want to jump into and become the main character of?
5.) Favorite childhood memory?
6.) Why did you start blogging, what do you want to accomplish?
7.) Favorite place to be? (i.e.- the beach, circus, bedroom, family gathering, park, woods, etc.)
8.) Favorite movie? Why did you like it?
9.) Favorite Season? Why?
10.) Favorite book?

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  1. Oooh, I'm definitely bumping up Sherlock Holmes towards the top of my to be read list now! I always loved detective stories.

    Thanks for tagging me, and the LOVELY comments on my blog.
    x Arielle

    1. That's me the girl who writes lovely comments. haha. Just kidding, it was no problem I figure, why should i expect other bloggers to post comment on my site when I don't return to favor... It means a lot that you stopped by thank you.

  2. Great answers! Thanks for Taking the time to to the questions, hope you enjoyed it!

  3. Your blog is whimsical and fascinating! I look forward to reading more! I am now following and subscribing via e-mail. Thanks for sharing- love it!

    1. Aw thank you, 'whimsical and fascinating!' I couldn't ask for a better description!

  4. Hi, just noticed I was tagged, I don't normally do memes but this is a great blog post idea, the questions are great, so give me a day or so and I will get the post up.
    Love your answers by the way, Sherlock Holmes and Beatrix Potter, great choices and the Bible, I am agnostic but I don't think anyone should apologise for loving the Bible, it is one of the foundation stones of western culture and everyone should have some familiarity with it and respect each others beliefs. Bukowski is a bit of a gap in my reading I might need to fix. Thanks and happy reading.

  5. You should try reading the Bible sometime, just the first page or just flip it to a random page. Just a thought.
    Anyhow, thanks for liking my answers, its really nice that you want to participate. I'm glad I picked good questions.

    1. *I meant, 'that you think I picked good questions' *

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you. Hope you mean it in a good way...

  7. Thanks for tagging me! I had fun reading through your choices (but I won't be taking part myself - I'm lame and gave that up a couple of years ago).

    1. It's no problem, don't worry about it. I'm glad that you stopped by to check it out. : )

  8. I can't believe I never knew 'Mary Poppins' was a book! I only know the movie... Also, have you seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie and the serie 'Sherlock'? I am watching the latter now and am loving it :)

    One of my favorite book characters are Pipi Longstocking & Stargirl (do you know that book?) They are both children books, but love them!

    1. Pipi Longstocking sounds familiar I will defiantly have to check those two out. And 'Sherlock' the series, oh my goodness gracious!!! You have to tell me which station hosts it! The movies I loved, I own the first one and have watched it so many times that it is absolutely ridiculous. The second one I am saving up to buy... but a series of jeez-ness I need to see that.
      I found Mary Poppins by complete chance at my Library book sale. You should check out your library and ask if they have books for sale that is normally where I find all mine. I am trying to plan a vacation with my mom after high school where we take a road-trip up the coast and stop at every single library and thrift, and antique store we see! Could you imagine the complete awesomeness of it, the clothes from different era's the jewelry, who wouldn't want to take that trip?!


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