Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 06 – A Book That Makes You Sad:

A sad book: Easy Peeze-y Lemon Squeeze-y.

Hold Still by Nina LaCour. 
I read this during a time in my life when I was so low I could hardly breathe sometimes. This books was so deeply sorrowful that I felt as if I were drowning in it. Written from a teenage perspective only made me relate further to the book which in turn made it even that much more painful to read. I believe after I finished the novel I was left numb for nearly a weak, subdued in part by my own turmoil and awakened by the stories. I fully believe that, what makes a great story is that after you finish reading it, you carry the words, the essence of it, with you days after. Never have I read a story of loss that was so eloquently illustrated by words than with Hold Still. Caitlin finds a journal, the journal of her best friend, the journal of a suicide victim. In this journal Ingrid reveals to Caitlin why she did what she did, what she suffered from and how she felt so trapped, death was her only escape. With this journal Caitlin begins to discover Ingrid all over again, and she ultimately realizes that Ingrid may have died but she never truly left. 

To see this book's full review click on the pink link: Hold Still

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