Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 05 – A Book That Makes You Happy

A Happy Book: Hard.

Beach combing at Miramar: The Quest For An Authentic Life by Richard Bode, has to be one of those books that you just have to read. I read this book after my mother gave it to me. With her scribbles in the sidelines and the spine dent from use I found that this book was utterly awe-worthy. It took me three days, where my Californian weather came out to play: on the first day it rained outside so hard that there isn't a page in the first thirty pages of that book now that doesn't have a raindrop on it, on the second day the fog was so thick that I felt like I was in the mountains instead of my nearly always dry dessert, on the third day the sun shined so hot that I tanned while finishing this book. The weather changes seemed to go along with the sections in the book. 
A man nearing his elder age retires from an all consuming stressful job that brought him no pleasure, receives a divorce from his wife, and relocates away from his modernist wealthy lifestyle to a hunt on a beach. Every day the man wakes, he searches for treasures the seas bring him, he contemplates his past, the mistakes he feels he'd made, and how they all were necessary to bring him right where he is today. There is a perpetual sorrow in his voice when he looks back on his children and all the moments in there lives that he missed, but at the same time there is a ever enlightening blissful happiness when he talks of the ocean that there was not a moment in the book when I wasn't truly happy with his rhythmic lyrical writings.


  1. aww i love this exercise. what a good idea for a book blog! (and I love when i read a book with someone's scribbles in it.) thanks so much for reading my blog xo


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the comment it makes me smile XD


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