Saturday, February 4, 2012

Once A Witch (Witch #1)

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
Tasmin Greene was born to the dawn of the night of Samhain and the first words spoke were prophesying her to be the most talented Greene to live. Is it true?
Tasmin Greene is your average teenager with a dysfunctional family who regards her as the black sheep. Only her family is the herd of black sheep wandering around a neighboring village near New York City. Tasmin's mother has speed that could reveal a leopards, he father creates thunder at his whim, her tidy, always kept soon to be head of the family sister has the ability to bend another person to her will just by the sound of her voice.
What does Tasmin have?
Nothing. She is the only Greene in a large over-extended family of witches ever to not have a talent and so naturally Tasmin leaves her home. Where her grandmother, and mother sell love and sleeping potion to the villagers at midnight whom otherwise in the daylight ignore their presence altogether.
Over summer vacation away from her New York Prep School, Tasmin is forced to be at home again with her sister, her cousins who use to play tricks with her and now play magical tricks on her, her sisters thin faced- handsomely talented Beau, and the ever-present reminder that she is not in any way shape of form Rowena. So when a mysterious man seeking Rowena Greene enters Tasmin's grandmother's bookshop, Tasmin is taken off guard because there is something she cannot place about him. The man asks Tasmin to retrieve a long-lost clock thinking her Rowena, because naturally this is was Tasmin claimed to be. This clock is a clock Tasmin Greene, should never have found.
Old friends, dark secrets, hidden lies laying open in plain sight, a kidnapping, a love romance, and that mysterious man, all jumble together and form a delicious read that was enticing as it was envious; envious of Tasmin's Talent of course!
Now I do love anything with a witch in it, only this story she begins as the family outcast. It was terribly sad, how she threw herself into that ghastly situation with the clock just to prove her self-worth to her family. I really enjoyed this book though, not as romance as I had originally expected and would have liked but perhaps the next installment will dig deeper into their love affair...Anyhow the overall book held my interest and even kept me on my seat seeing as how I finished it in two days I would say it was a success. The ending shocked me and left me wanting to read the next book right away.

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