Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 02 – A Book That You’ve Read More Than 3 Times:

Three time read: extremely difficult.
Surprisingly I have not read a book more than three times, my mother has: Charlotte's Web and Jonathan Seagull, wondrous read the pair. However, as she told me when I asked her about it on our morning walk with my freight-train of a Golden Retriever, that there was one book I loved.
"Oh, brother.
She was alway's trying to make friends with animals.
But this was going too far." - Mary Pops Osborne,
Jack says of Annie,
when she holds her hand out to the Pteranodon.
PteranodonAnd that my darlings was Dinosaurs after Dark. 
Because at the time when I read these - first grade - I lived in my childhood home still, this homes was glorious for two sole reasons 1. I lived exactly fifty large steps away from my Grandparent and 2. we'll get to late. The house was not large, or even an overly medium home, with one story, one bath and three tiny bedrooms; I never realized how small everything was until I went back yours later and investigated.
Regardless of this the backyard was child huge. 
The sort of huge that makes you believe you live on a farm in the middle of no where when actually you live the residential suburbs five minutes away from four separate parks, ten minutes by car to the beach and fall asleep to the sound of cars. 
To make things all the thing that much more glamours, we had a treehouse!! A treehouse that seemed to me was barely just by a hair smaller than our entire house. This  tree held a two story- hand built by my father and brother - treehouse with a hidden underneath flip up door, just like in this book. My father, and my uncle's are carpenters, their uncle's were carpenters. We come from a long line of carpenters, and I have to give credit where credit is due, unbiasedly and truthfully my father has a gift from God in his hands. His architectural drawers are a work that could reveal master craftsmen, he built, hand sanded, stained, shellacked, and put together a dark wood swing for me within a matter of three days.
"Help a monster!"- Mary Pope Osborne, Character Annie to Jack.
Jack has no other option but to chase after his seven-year-old sister, into the woods and away from reality and into the imaginary world Annie loves to create. Then Jack stumbles across a treehouse and suddenly the trip is not so bad. So naturally Jack starts to climb the rope ladder that leads to the door and Annie protests with the argument that the rope is not safe. Soon enough, though Jake reaches the top and as he peeks his head through the hole he sees it. Books. Tons of tons of various books; ranging on various subjects, and displaying their age proudly across their spines.
And of course the sister has to remind her brother of her presence, soon Annie has come along, up the ladder and into the treehouse carrying a scruffy dog named Henry in her arms. When Annie, ever the helpful optimist, picks up a book on dinosaurs a real one appears. The wind ruffles hairs as loud as thunder, and then even more deliciously horrifyingly obtuse the treehouse itself starts to move, than spin like a rapid twirling spintop. Still, the world is still when the tree house finally decides to stop spinning the only thing Jack thinks to say when he finds himself in prehistoric times is "None of this can be real." Annie, always the helpful optimist says "He's very real." pointing her child small fingers towards the Pteranodon. 
Armed with the book that could have brought them there a notebook and pencil to track the information they gather Jack and Annie set out to discover prehistoric times. However, not all of the creates who inhabit the Cretaceous period are friendly. While searching prehistoric wilderness Jack finds something startling: a golden medallion which means only one thing. Someone has come here before them.
Of course when you go to the Prehistoric period - willing participant or not - you run the risk of well, you know getting eaten by a dinosaur. And that is just what almost happens when Jack spots a Trannysaurus rex heading straight for them. There was nothing left they could do in prehistoric times, not with a Trannysaurus rex on their tail so they did the only thing they could: they ran. Back to the tree house that had brought them here, back to the future, to their green porch, to Henry the scruffy neighbors dog, if only they can make it. 
Hiding behind a tree, desperate to get home, to pretend again is just when the Trannysaurus rex find the siblings and just as, with their hearts to their throats, the pair of them thought they were done for, Annie's friend swoops in to save the day. The Pteranodon delivers Jack and Annie safely back to the magic tree house where it spins, stills and brings them back to rural Pennsylvania. Walking back to their white wooden house and green front porch they made a pact, a pact that included two things: 1. they would tell no one of what happened, 2. they would go back into the woods tomorrow, up the ladder and into the magical tree house littered with old magical books.
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  1. Thanks for visiting and following my blog earlier today. I’ve just followed you, I know I'm going to love your blog. I like the way you describe your ‘freight-train of a Golden retriever’ I've only ever had small dogs so have no experience of a freight-train dog!

  2. Oh dear Lord my dog does not walk. He sprints, to everything! I must say the words 'Buddy it's a bush, nature doesn't just vanish, you don't have to run to it.' like fifty times by the time a thirty minute walk is finished. He blinks at me with a crooked smile on his face as if to say 'I understand your speaking to me, but I do not care so I did not listen.' We are not even going to get into the other dogs he sees. I'd be here forever.

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  4. Absolutely! I'm glad you found me, I hope you like my reviews. Alright-y I'm heading over to your blog now.


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