Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hearts at Stake (Drake Chronicles #1)

My rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.
Sixteen pages in and I am utterly delighted by every single one of em'.
Hehe, Solange is brilliant, witty, and stunning all at the same time. Lucy is determined, stubborn and the complete yin to Solange's yang. They're perfect just bloody perfect. I am seeing a true love quartet blooming in the making and that is not something you see everyday kitties. This story has me giddy to get back to Lucy and into the mud.
I found Solange tiresome at points and Lucy in contrast just enthralling, but then I absolutely love a vampire/human love affair. I loved that Nicholas was the evil brother turned sultrily sexy. They are a complete match for each other, Nicholas and Lucy, I can't wait to read the next installment. It got annoying a little the switching of point of view from Solange and Lucy, I would have loved to see it just from Lucy's point of view, but then again it would have struck to close to Twilight's radius wouldn't it have. I am hoping that Lucy eventually takes the plunge into vampirism because as it is I am also a sucker for a human-turned vampire/vampire love affair as well.
Solange the first woman born vampire in the Drake line and in vampire history, is tired of being treated as a piece of porcelain, her only outside worldly human contact being her quirky vampire loving' sidekick-ish best friend Lucy whose got the mouth of a redneck and a stubborn streak that could reveal my father. Lucy falls for Nicholas, Solange one of many older brothers, and just as things between them heat up, the house heats up. Quite literally. Solange, being the very single woman born-vampire is wanted by just about every clan of vampires and has to be protected at all times, but what happens when she isn't? What happens, when an assassin for an elite vampire killing squad comes inches away from staking Lucy? And what is Nicholas going to say!
When Solange and this agent, hellbent on revenge for his father's death, Kieran Black get stuck in the woods together, hidden away in cave they start to realize that maybe they aren't in fact all that different. Solange and Kieran start falling for each other and by the time the moon rises and they set out in the woods again they have fallen back in love.


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