Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 03 – Your Favorite Series:

Favorite Series: Difficult.
I would have to say without doubt: Riders of the Apocalypse, I devoured both novels Hunger, and Rage, and am adamantly waiting on the third. Each book is written in such a stark realism that I was in awe by the writings of   her words struck out at me, it demanded my attention and I listened. When the books were finally over I felt saddened because I desperately wanted more.
A compelling series that takes the reader of a whirlwind of our modern day society's conflicts, that young teens face. Kessler does a stunning job portraying the average adolescent who suffers from an eating disorder or a person who suffers from Manic Depression Self-Harm, often referred to as 'cutting, burning, or scratching oneself'. Kessler also throughs in a mix of paranormal activity, such as the myth of the riders of the apocalypse which in itself would have made a wondrous read but thrown together with the background story of each teens suffering, Kessler exposes, rather brutally and without shame the world some teens today live with everyday. 
Hunger is the story of a girl named Lisabeth Lewis who starves herself because the way she looks horrifies her. Her basement is an exercise room and her routine is shocking. Every calorie she puts in her mouth is categorized, she then burns off every one, over-exercising, over-exerting herself until she is physically exhausted. Her mother doesn't notice a thing, always perfectly made-up, always thin with her pencil skirt, only makes Lisabeth shrivel further into her world of hunger. And if that were not enough to make a compellingly haunting book, in comes death. After a terrible night Lisabeth opens her front door after a knock and find a handsome man shrouded in black, he hands her a set of bronze ancient looking scales and pronounces Lisabeth the Black Rider, one of four of the Rider's of the Apocalypse. She receives a handsome stead and is told to go out into the world where famine calls to her. But previous famine's have old enemies, and the red rider is not one for pleasantries. Lisabeth must fight the very essence of War, curb her desire to succumb to her hunger, deal with the emotional weight of the world's famine and make a decision that could haunt her for the rest of her life.
Rage was mesmerizing, incredibly intoxicating and stripped down to the barest of human's skins. A stark and blunt look into the life of a teenage girl named Missy who cuts herself, never too deep to kill herself, but enough to allow the badness to seep out of her through her blood. After Missy attends a party and a horrifying picture revealing her scars to the entire world is leaked out onto the internet Missy is overcome with rage and pain. When she goes home that night she doesn't notice the white stead, or the the handsome man playing guitar but soon enough she will. Because this time when Missy cuts, she cuts too deep, and barely has enough time to reach the sword given before the party when the same handsome man playing guitar pronounced her the Red Rider. Missy has to find the control she only could find while cutting and apply it to her new job, she must come to terms with her deadly addiction and curb her anger, least she kill the entire high school student body.
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