Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flawless (Pretty Little Lairs #2):

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
The pretty little lairs pick up right where they leave off, with Ali's body now found underneath her backyard and a murder investigation in full swing no lairs is left unscathed. With Foxy (Rosewoods super posh gallia of the year) just around the corner and Hanna's relationships with her dream guy Sean on the fritz she is left reeling. Sinking feelings of slipping back into dorkdom has her binge eating and back to old habits. With such old habits follows A who never seems to miss a beat with any of her lairs.
As for Spencer well much can be said about dating your sister ex boyfriend but should such things be said? Her A+ grades are slipping with the secret meetings she's had to have with Wren and with her parents giving her the freeze out over the whole 'kissing-your-sisters-boyfriend-is-deplorable-Hastings-behavior' Spencer is gripping at straws to hold up her perfect star daughter routine while A threatens her aimlessly over E-mails and texts.
Aria, my personal favorite little lair, has not had it easy what with her family about ready to fall off a cliff and her dads quirky mistress insisting their in love A's benevolent presence seems to irritate her more than anything. Her love life has taken a shocking turn for the worst as well, he English teacher found her phone and claimed she was out the ruin him, which paved the way for Sean to waltz in the same Virginal cookie cutter Rosewood guy who no longer thinks he wants to wait to have sex anymore-talk about a slap in the face to Hanna.
Now Emily; the confused little mermaid who may or may not be a homofob, which is really quite dreary seeing as she is lesbian. I'm rooting for that one though, screw her parents stuck up conservisim throw that shirt off, knock back a whiskey sour and kiss the girl already-if your into that sort of thing that. If not, give it a whirl anyway. And Toby, sweet, delusional, possibly phsyco freak killer Toby whose hiden secrets I am awaiting En Pointe to be revealed.
A, that rascal and her overly-patient nature to drag out every climax to her secret bomshel's like its European oil drums.
I loved how it started with a flashback and then how it proceeded on right where the first book left off, how the author assumes one read the first installment of the series and spend no time in retro long the past book(s). How boorish is that? I mean I did read New Moon before Twilight but there is no need to spend half my time reading about what happened in the first novel just to be equipped to dive into the second installment.
Each book is a wondrous read I found, like escaping into my many soap operas. I adore it when I get so involved in a series that I place on hold the next four books in it.
Complaint department: she spent too much time stressing A's vigorous  vice grip over everything, also the switching between points of view was okay but that was it, it was okay. The plot was nice well detailed and I always love a Galla, however I was expecting more intrigue in each of the lairs lives and I would have liked to see them moving together as friends. But you know I am so impatient. I am off to watch We Bought A Zoo with the family now; Guten Nacht lovelies.

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