Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Secret Circle: The Initiation & The Captive-Part I:

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
he beginning was bland, which is something because Smith normally delivers a taunt lucrative web of entrapment during the first dozen pages or so.
Cassie spends the summer in Cape Cod her mothers native hometown and meets the most interesting people. When the tune comes to return home to sunny normal California her mother drops a surprise in Cassie's lap. California's out and New Salem the newest red.
assie learns that their are some perks that come with living on Crowhaven Street and although Smith didn't dive straight into magic powers he did give a taste of what's to come. Cassie finds solace in Diana the picture perfect older sister who takes Cassie under her wing. Cassie realizes that something about New Salem is different, the Club Diana leads rules the town, teachers and students--the outsiders--are afraid to even look at the eleven Club members cross but when dead bodies of both outsiders and Club members start popping up, well tensions raise and all beats are off.
h dear Mother Earth Cassie grow some balls! After a dozen pages of Smith reenacting the brittle bitch meets Cinderella I just about nearly put to book back on my shelf. Smith made Cassie into a pathetic whining child, it is the sheer only time I revealed in how inadequate a book seemed in comparison to its T.V. spin off. Then the mighty Diana comes along and for a long stretch of the book I think Cassie might just be in love with her. Which would be a bloody brilliant twist if Smith ever got to the jumping-out-of-the-closet part of the novel.
aye; my favorite character for the series is portrayed as the horrid dark witch in the book, the skull inflames my curiosity and Diana well she just seemed to get on my nerves a bit. Who is that nice?

P.S. News about the series I just heard: Season two has been canceled, however ABC Family might might it up. Please, oh please ABC Family pick it up.

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  1. The books were pretty good, but I was just starting to get into the TV series when I heard it was canceled! I hope ABC Family picks it up, too.


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