Monday, March 19, 2012

Ruby Red:

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Being the girl who time travels is not easy, especially when the gene was supposed to skip you. 
Gwyneth a seventeen-year-old prep school girl from an eccentric and reclusive London family was well prepared for everything. She was taught what she should do if her cousin Charlotte ever received dizzy spells, she was taught not to resent Charlotte, taught to always carry chalk so as to mark the place should Charlotte ever disappear in for of her. Which was all well and fine, because the idea of time traveling to Gwen was repulsing; what with all the plagues, the bad hygeine, and the never knowing just what will happen to you, or when your coming back. Yes, Gwen knew exactly what part she would play in her family. She would help her predestined cousin; whom was fated to receive the time traveling gene and then she would go back to her semi-normal teenage existence, gossiping with her best-friend Leslie and watching bad history movies instead of studying. Gwen however, was not at all prepared for the day that she would faint in the middle of the street, landing smack dab in the middle of a completely different era.
When Gwen is thrust head-first into this secret world she never expected nor wanted, it is just about all she can do but scream at the top of her lungs. Handling the judgements of the secret society, shaking off her cousins cold shoulder, dealing the her mother's lies and struggling to wrap her head around her gorgeous time traveling counter-part, Gideon de Villiers. To make matters worse no one in this society seems to trust Gwen, and just when pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place a whole different puzzle shows up and someone says "Now assemble this puzzle and figure out how the two connect." Leaving Gwen with even more confusion and her mothers words proving to be the only self-evident truth there she can close her fist around: A secret is a secret is a secret. 
Not sure who to trust and unconfident that she can protect herself from the growing feelings she has toward Gideon, Gwen decides to just go with it and let the pieces fall where they will 
I immensely disliked how dim-minded the character was made out to be, and for goodness sake child; stick up for yourself! Don't just stand around an gawk at the men. The story was a wondrous adventure that I could help falling in love with. However, as I progressed further into the story, my thrill seemed to wane, it seemed to me that Gier would build up suspense and then...nothing, it would fizzle; leaving me with false satisfaction and a grim determination that the next page will hold at least some answers. Where the book leads off is where it starts up, the conclusion never came because it was never finished, unlike many other story's out there Gier truly sticks to the jest of a trilogy, she keeps the plot fluid and continuous, she doesn't end one adventure but picks up the second book exactly right where the first book left off. This was pleasantly surprising and extremely annoying all at the same time. 
A must read, it was genuinely a fun ride. 


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    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you like it, I'm heading over to your blog now.

  2. This cover is more beautiful in person. The red dots are raised and feel like actual jewels. The rich red color and the old-fashioned photo of Gwyneth fit nicely with the story.

    1. Yes, it is and I liked how the book was large in height than it was in width, it made me feel as if I was reading a dairy. I like smaller sized books as opposed to larger ones.


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