Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 10 – Favorite Classic Book:

Thee Classic: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeeze-y

Fun Fact:
All the Bronte sisters used pseudonyms male names
in place of their own, all ending with the same surname: Bell
Emily used Ellis Bell
Anne used Acton Bell
& Charlotte was Currer Bell

First and foremost: My sincere apologies, my postings have been terse of late and than seemed, to my readers, to have stopped abruptly. A glitch of the most disastrous sorts: writers block & the dreaded occurrence of a sin: sloth. Onward towards the post!
Now I am heavily inclined to say Sherlock Holmes because really in my personal opinion it a wonder of a read. So detailed, entitled and richly direct with a fluid grace to the words. However though, the same can be said of Moby Dick, which I have a such a profound fond relationship with, due to the stimulating fact that my Grandmother and I would read it in her chair everyday after school when I was a little girl.
Taken these books into consideration as I have, I am left again with yet another choice. This choice leads to a damning question: Why only a single Classic book? They are named the Classic's for a reason, one should not be subjected to limit a preference to one singular novel. But, alas I have chosen, and it is Wuthering Heights. The wording so raw and potent, the emotions that cling to every letter, the story of such brutality, the fear in it and the most of all the love. Love has always been a subject that has been dilated, studied, pinpricked, theorized, and written about since the very beginning of human nature, but, rarely is it ever captured so honestly, so frankly and without mercy. Emily Bronte does not hold my favor over Anne but I cannot deny her triumphant in combing literacy and the very essence of what it means to be in love.
This is just a snippet of the review to come.


  1. My Godmother gave me a copy of Wuthering Heights for my ninth birthday! I was reading nothing but Enid Blyton at the time so Wuthering Heights came as something of a shock! A lot of the words were beyond my abilities, but I somehow read it all – and had no idea what it was talking about! I’ve read it many times since, and it gradually turned into one of my favourite books.
    Looking forward to your review.

    1. I love Wuthering Heights. It took me a while to figure this post out, I kept going back and forth between a lot of choices but I somehow always came back to this one.


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